About Us

POSHAAKH offers an exclusive curated collection of contemporary, traditional, ethnic wear. You will find a wide variety of merchandise ranging from elite gowns, frocks for girls and sherwani, jodhpuri, kurta for boys. Besides these, it also provides elegant jewelry inspired by the cultural heritage of many cities in India. Jewelry that will add awe & a touch of class to the beauty of women.

Kids you see they have a mind full of innovation. Sparkling ideas continuously flow through their intellectual minds. As the decades pass by, these adorable little kiddies come up with increasing demands and are constantly looking for changes. To satisfy their versatile demands is quite a challenging job. We had to take up this challenge. That’s when the notion struck our minds, and we discovered POSHAAKH. A destination mainly focusing on and providing for the growing multifaceted needs for children (aged between 3 and 11 years)

All the raw materials such as fabric, pearls, kundan, etc., are authentically sourced from different parts of India. Thereafter, special care is taken and the product is meticulously hand-crafted. It usually takes between ten and fifteen days to create a piece, which can be extended depending on the design and pattern of the product. We incline to give maximum satisfaction to our consumers in the designs we create and also provide them some scope in altering the designs. That’s where our customized section comes into the picture. We are open to custom-made orders as well as a bit of customization can be done in the available designs.

We strive to provide designs that reflect your personality in the best way possible, making you stand out from the crowd. Our products are a perfect blend of style and comfort and bring out the essence of India.

We do not compromise with the quality of our products and hope to target the global audience.

We wish to gain love & recognition of our precious customers by satisfying their wants from all around the world. And shall your love continue to support us, we intend to diversify our merchandise to many other products of a complete wardrobe.

Shop Members

Abdul Basit (Co-Owner) – I have completed my engineering, major mechanical. I always wanted to do something innovative to enhance peoples’ personalities and what better than embarking my own line of business and thus founded POSHAAKH. I design and create apparels for boys according to the latest trends in the market and manage other affairs of the proprietary.

Shabnam (Co-Owner) – Having completing B.Sc and procured diploma/s in marketing, I dreamt of initiating a venture of my own and direct my creativity towards it. Having found POSHAAKH gave me a chance to realize this dream. Here at POSHAAKH, we specialize in kids wear. I design clothes for girls as well as handle the digital marketing aspect of the shop. I have also incorporated a jewelry section with elite hand-crafted pieces to suit the rising needs of women.